About Keelan

     Keelan Rodgers, born and raised in Chicago, is a digital artist and animator that now resides in Peoria, Illinois. Rodgers creates art related to his personal experience and the inspirations around him. From portraits and landscapes to cartoon characters and design work, his elaborate creations utilize vivid colors to evoke emotions that create a distinctive experience with each viewer.
     As a child, Rodgers fell in love with art from the first moment he picked up a pencil. He quickly found art as an escape and a way to endure his personal challenges. Rodgers’ desire to become an artist was propelled by the inspirations of western comics, movies, cartoons, anime, and the work of artistic family members. His journey of art began with traditional mediums of pencil with paper, charcoal, and acrylic paint. Rodgers then transitioned to creating digital art when he received his first graphics tablet.
     The artist attended Bradley University as an animation major and became a published illustrator for 2 books before his freshman year had come to close. Rodgers was also honored with Bradley University’s Excellence in Animation Award along with their Outstanding Student in Drawing Award. Rodgers’ Senior Capstone Film “Self Reflection” was showcased at Peoria Riverfront Museum during its FUSE 2022 event hosted by Bradley University.
     After completing his bachelor's degree in Animation from Bradley University, Rodgers looks to further his career by sharing his art with people across the world. In founding Kero Visionary Concepts LLC, Rodgers sets his eyes on personally awakening the individual's dormant creative visions.
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