2D Animations

Capstone Film: Self Reflection (2022)

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12-12 Animation Challenge (2022)
In a group of 5 animators, my role was to create the majority of the background art and to create the second animated shot. The shot shows the penguin looking at his crush but being too afraid to speak to her.
ABC Gabig Intro Animation (2021)
A quick screen animation made for an internship with an Armenian learning platform that aims to teach Armenian language to a young audience. 
This animation was made utilizing Photoshop entirely.
DOME Animation: Foreign Visitor (2019)
An animation made to played within a dome planetarium. The animated short shows an alien visitor Earth and taking a quick look around. This allows for viewers to follow the alien around the planetarium to see just what his intentions are. 
This animation was made with Adobe Animate for the alien movements and Photoshop for the painted background.
Mystic Flight Introduction Animation (2018)
An animated short made for a game project for my animation class. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator for puppet rigs and Adobe After Effects for animation, I composited this animated short to introduce the main wizard Madristro and his perilous quest. 

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